One of the best investments an entrepreneur can purchase is a restaurant. Whether you are opening a brand new restaurant of your own, starting a franchise of an existing restaurant chain, or taking over an already existing establishment, one thing is certain. You will need he proper restaurant equipment before you can ever dream of making a profit. Of course you will need a prime location and fill it with tables and chairs for your guests to dine in. Also, you will need to have at least one or two cash registers to keep track of all the money that is being moved around in the business. Aside from all that, you will most importantly require cooking equipment. Without the proper cooking tools, you won't be serving much of anything. 

What Kind of Restaurant will You be Opening?

The type of food that you will be serving will determine exactly what kind of cooking equipment you will need in your restaurant. For example, a bakery will not need heavy equipment such as a large grill or deep fryer. If a sandwich shop suits your taste, you may not require such items as a range for sauteing or a hot water well that is commonly used for pasta. 

What Basic Equipment will You Need? 

Whatever the case may be, you will absolutely need a washing station composed of a three compartment sink. One compartment if for rinsing, one for washing, and the last for sanitizing. This is a health code requirement for just about any city in the Canada even if your restaurant has a dishwasher. A refrigerator and freezer big enough to store all of your food is a key requirement. Just about any typical restaurant will have an iron grill, at least one deep fryer, a cold well and/or hot well, and an industrial oven. Depending on your restaurant you may need all of this equipment or you may not. Another piece of cooking equipment is a salamander which is commonly used to heat food or melt garnishes at a very fast rate. Some restaurants have a flat-top grill that is frequently used to cook thinly sliced meats or vegetables. Meat slicers are also a great investment that have multiple uses from slicing meat to cheese. Since many foods can be prepared in a wide variety of ways it would be a good idea to talk to an experienced chef to see what equipment they prefer to use as well as where it is placed in the kitchen. 

Where can I Buy Equipment and How Much does it Cost?

If you want all new equipment for your restaurant you will either have to order your restaurant equipment online or visit an equipment distributor. It is advised that you find used equipment that is still in working order because new equipment can cost you thousands of dollars. A good place to look for pre-owned equipment is at a local restaurant that is going out of business. This is also a great chance to talk to the owners and receive some feedback on what worked for them as well as what did not. Chances are they will give you a great deal on whatever it is you are looking to buy. There are also websites and companies that specifically sell used kitchen equipment.

One word of advice: if you are thinking about opening your own restaurant, do not over do it. Sometimes it is better to start with a small idea and let it grow. Whatever you do, do not spend all of your money on the latest and greatest equipment before you have your menu established. The food you serve will determine the utilities you need to acquire.